Advisory and consulting services

Advisory Services

  • PR, Crisis Communications, Marketing Expertise, Social Media, Ghostwriting of business materials, websites, articles and books
  • Sensitivity training for dealing with the modern world, hiring, employment issues, preventing workplace headaches, and encouraging the end of discrimination, racism and sexism
  • Connecting you to clients and generating more revenue for your company

Real Estate

Our network of family and friends may want to buy your multi-family building, office building, warehouse, hotel or shopping centers.

Working side by side with our partners, we provide the best options to meet your objectives.

We provide a suite of services to help you accomplish your goals, including:

  • Connecting you to Title Insurance, Contractors, Mortgages, and Investing Partners to complete deals and real estate purchases
  • Introducing real estate agents when an agent is needed

Sensitivity Training

Sensitivity Training may be the most important consulting service in which you invest. In today’s day and age, if you don’t think you need sensitivity training, you do. Every company, police department, and noteworthy individual needs to invest in it.

Sensitivity to Women & MeToo Victims (victims of assault, abuse, pedophilia, rape, & domestic violence.)

We either invest in it, or face dire consequences. At least 50% of the world is female, your customers are female, yet women are misunderstood by police, corporations, and individuals. #MeToo victims are misunderstood, even by lawyers, social media, judges, and courts, where MeToo survivors are re- victimized and bullied, often publicly.

Sensitivity to Minorities and Protected Groups (all genders, all races, and all religions, including black people, Asians, Jewish people, Catholics, Christians, Muslims, Buddhists etc.)

With sensitivity, awareness and understanding, we can work with any and all types of people. Why limit yourself by the bias you were raised with? If half of your customers are female, or half of your citizens are female, how can a police officer or CEO not understand how to interact with, for example, a Spanish or black rape victim who has a black eye that healed but may be especially fragile and sensitive when you pull her over on the side of the road at night, or a black man stopped by a white police officer who starts shaking not because he is on drugs, but because he is having flashbacks to beatings that innocent men received that he just saw on TV? Maybe Chinese customers fail to support your company because they find your comments offensive. These things are easy to prevent with our help. Without our help and proper guidance, you or your organization can easily make mistakes that are impossible to fix, since they are documented publicly, posted on the computer, in perpetuity. Once that happens, then it is truly too late.

Contact us immediately for paid consultations, before you face expensive lawsuits and/or public complaints. Once that happens, contact us for our Crisis Communications team.

Strategic Communications

Our philosophy is simple: We ensure that our clients receive the best results – results that exceed their expectations.

Strategic Consultants strengthens the professional image of each client through effective marketing, branding, public relations and business writing. Companies and individuals benefit from having a stronger reputation by attracting customers and increasing profitability.

We utilize the intelligence, experience and contacts of our stellar team of professionals.

About Us

Strategic Consultants was founded 18 years ago in the current executive’s dorm room at Columbia University.

Business Development

We maintain a solid track record with demonstrated results

Real Estate

We market shopping centers, buildings and portfolios, and offer title insurance, construction quotes and mortgages, for our network of family and friends

Capital Raising

We are instrumental in the process of raising capital with you, as well as connecting companies with $50 million or more in annual revenue to private equity

Strategic Communications

We write and edit compelling content including articles, books, press releases, social media, emails, website content and brochures

Marketing and PR

We market your businesses more efficiently and more effectively


Our recruiting team fills jobs if you are hiring or seeking to be hired

Our clients span the following industries:






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Real Estate



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